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Is Goat's Milk a Good Natural Ingredient?

You have probably noticed that goat's milk is a very commonly found ingredient in natural skin care and cosmetic products. This is for a reason; it is one of the best available natural resources for a good balance of moisturizing and sugar properties.

There are many different types of products you can choose from when it comes to skin care and your cosmetic needs.

However, just because there are a lot of skin care products doesn't mean that all of them are beneficial. It is important to think about your skin in terms of it being a very important organ of your body, and introducing synthetic products and substances to your skin can be very damaging because they can dry it out and even cause some of the things you are trying to avoid – wrinkles, pockmarks, and other problems.

So why use goat's milk? 

Cleopatra is said to have used ass's milk in which to bathe, and milk has been used for cosmetic purposes for thousands of years.  Why? It is partly because milk naturally contains proteins, vitamins and amino acids that nourish the skin, leaving it silky smooth. 

Goat's milk also contains an alpha hydroxy acid, known as lactic acid that exfoliates the skin, enabling new skin to flourish after the removal of old dead skin cells. Goat's milk also contains caprylic acid (Capricorn = goat, get it?), that reduces the alkalinity of your skin to that closer to the pH of yours, and is also rich in Vitamins A and E - both powerful antioxidants.

Antioxidants kill off free radicals that are generated by environmental pollution such as traffic fumes, cigarette smoke and pesticides, and also by the UV radiation in sunlight. These free radicals rupture the membranes of skin cells causing wrinkles and the visible effects of aging. By destroying them before the free radicals can act on your skin cells, antioxidants in goat's milk helps you stay looking younger longer.

Cleopatra seduced both Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony, so she certainly didn't have wrinkled, aged skin!  Ass's milk or goat's milk - does it matter?  It sure does, because goat milk is the better of the two as far as skin care is concerned. It possesses anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce the effects of skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and rosacea.

Your skin does not benefit from the harsh chemicals used in normal soaps, and goat milk lotions, creams and soaps are far better for your skin that normal skin cleansers. In fact synthetic ingredients in synthetic soaps and detergents are a real issue with people that are susceptible to certain skin conditions, and goat's milk is an excellent answer to their problems.

Castle Baths no longer uses Goat's Milk in our spa products for humans because it is not vegan, but we do still use it in our Anna Designer Pet grooming supply line!

stud tail soapCastle Baths has finally succeeded in finding vegan alternatives for all of the natural ingredients we use in our products intended for humans, and most are now gluten-free as well. However, there are some cases where natural goat's milk simply cannot be beat in terms of its effectiveness as a natural bath product. One of these instances is in our natural pet grooming products.

Goat's milk is extremely effective at drawing surrounding moisture into itself, and thus, into your pet's fur and skin for a silky soft coat, which is why we use goat's milk in the formulation of our Stud Tail Soap (pictured.)