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Using Green Tea to Care for Your Skin

If you have never considered using green tea to care for your skin, then you are unaware of the beneficial properties that this amazing plant can offer to you.  If you're interested in using natural products to care for your skin, green tea is an excellent choice

But why natural skin care products?  What is wrong with the normal cosmetics and skin care products you can find in your local pharmacy? The problem with many of these is that they are formulated with synthetic chemicals, that can be harsh on the skin and to which many people can have allergic reactions.  Many commercial cosmetics and skin care products contain the same surfactants that are used in detergents, and are not as kind to your skin as they might claim to be.

The few natural oils these commercial products contain are surrounded by synthetic preservatives, which reduce the skin care benefits these oils would have in their pure form.  You can't beat a pure natural oil like green tea oil.  Extracted from the seeds of the green tea plant, this oil is packed with nutrients and minerals that will help fight the onset of aging.

Skin Care Benefits of Green Tea

Among the nutrients Green Tea delivers to your skin are caffeine and the amino acid theanine, both of which are excellent for rejuvenating and relaxing your skin. It has been used for centuries as a component of body oils, and is particularly effective in treating backaches through massage. Some people even use it as an invigorating room freshener, and it is claimed by many to possess other therapeutic effects.

Caffeine gives your brain a boost every morning, but it can also give your skin a boost. It tends to tighten up slack skin, and help to remove some of the smaller wrinkles, giving your skin a tighter and smoother look. However, there is more to caffeine than just that.  It is the major dietary source of antioxidants in the USA. "So what does that mean?" I can hear you ask.

Simple!  Oxidation of your skin cells is what creates wrinkles and makes you look old before your time. This oxidation is carried out by substances known as free radicals that are contained in pesticides, industrial and traffic emissions, and even sunlight. Nobody can avoid free radicals being created in or by their body, and the only protection from them is antioxidants.

Caffeine is a very powerful antioxidant, to the extent that, for Americans, caffeine is their most common source.  Most of this is from coffee, but green tea oil also contains significant amounts of caffeine in addition to the gallates and catechins it contains, flavonoids that contain powerful anti-cancer tea bath salts

Castle Baths Spa Products Containing Green Tea

When you are choosing a skin care product it is important that you understand every factor involved in that choice.  You should be aware of the problems associated with many of the well known branded commercial skin care products commonly on ale, and also of the components and properties of the various natural oils and hydrogenated butters that can be used as alternatives.

The term 'hydrogenated' is innocuous when applied to natural butters, meaning simply that they have been thickened by the use of hydrogen, and while this process can render edible oils more of a hazard to your health than their natural forms, this is not so of products not intended for consumption.

Green tea, however, is neither hydrogenated nor synthetic, and you can be sure that it is a very effective natural oil. Not only can it help your skin maintain its youthful appearance, but also help to protect it from the ravages of strong sunlight and pollution and protect it from the cancerous substances with which your skin is regularly in contact.

Using green tea to protect your skin is not only a sensible move, but one that could help you to look younger longer.