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Handmade for Safety, Quality, and Uniqueness

handmade bath beautyWe have our hands into everything here at Castle Baths, from making our products, to designing and printing labels in-house, to taking customer calls. All of us wear many hats. Every day, owner Laura Thomas juggles the tasks of making our products, maintaining and updating our website, answering customer calls, and keeping in touch with our sales representatives while still finding time to eat and sleep. No task is beneath any of us. Even our Chief Financial Officer, will roll up her sleeves and make product  when we need to restock.

If you are a conscientious shopper who is concerned about the ingredients and labor practices that go into creating your bath, body, and beauty products, switching to handmade spa products is something you may wish to consider. Chances are, once you make the switch, you’ll never want to go back. But if you’re new to the handmade cosmetics industry and have reservations about using handmade spa products on your skin, we’d like to help educate you on the many benefits of using natural handmade bath and beauty products.

Pictured: Chief Operating Officer Janene Gerringer packages jars of Anna Designer Pet Grooming Powder.

No Toxic Chemicals

You have every right to be concerned about what goes into your skin care products, as many of the top mass-produced brands contain parabens, formaldehyde, and many other chemicals that have been proven or highly suspected of causing cancer in animals. Some brands even use heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, and mercury (all of which are known neurotoxins) in their products. Often these hazardous substances are never listed on product ingredient lists, or disguised under alternate names.

Rest assured, you’ll never find any of these nasty substances in a handmade product from Castle Baths. After all, who would want a jar of mercury sitting around the office? Remember that since we're handmade, all of our ingredients need to be safe for us to handle too. We care about your well-being and want to help you stay informed about what is in our products. As a proud signer of the Compact for Safe Cosmetics, we disclose ALL OUR INGREDIENTS in every product.

Not Just Handmade – Hand Packaged

handmade bath and beauty productsEven those mass-produced products that actually make good on their claims of being “natural” can still become contaminated with chemicals if they are bottled and packaged in a factory. Chemicals used to manufacture certain types of plastic containers such as Bisphenol A and phthalates (both of which are suspected endocrine disruptors) can leach out of the containers and into your products.handmade spa products


At Castle Baths, we oversee every step of our products’ development, from hand-mixing their ingredients to hand-packaging them. We even print our own labels and ship directly from our facility in Hampton, Virginia. When we launch a new product or gift basket combination, our copywriter is sure to get called away from updating our website and blog to take photos and design package labels for it.

No Sweat Shop or Outsourced Labor

Our products have never been nor will they ever be made in overseas factories employing unfair labor practices. They are made right here in our facility, by us, every day. We purchase from vendors operating within the United States. By purchasing from Castle Baths, you can show your support for small American businesses and fair labor.

Individual Attention to Every Product, Every Time

bath and beauty productsbath body beautybath beauty spa products


We take pains to ensure that every single product we make is of the highest quality. Though as a result of their being handmade, our products may look slightly different from time to time, their scent and purpose will always remain the same.

Occasionally, labels may be trimmed inconsistently but such is the nature of bath and beauty products that are made by human beings instead of machines and computers. We also can customize certain products, such as our spa gift baskets, to meet your individual needs, and can even create a custom aromatherapy blend for you, provided we carry all the essential oils needed to make it.

So, whether you want to go chemical-free, support American businesses, ensure your products are made with the highest quality ingredients, or give a one-of-a-kind, luxurious spa gift basket at your next social outing, try something handmade from Castle Baths!