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Hemp Butter – All Natural Choice for Great Skin Care!

Hemp butter is rarely considered by many as a skin care product of choice, mainly because most are unaware of the unique benefits that it can provide to your skin.  Were you aware of these benefits, then it's pretty certain that hemp would be high on your shopping list.

Hemp gets a bad name because of its association with illegal substances, but it sure makes good, strong ropes!  And it can also make good strong skin for you! Perhaps not for the same reasons, but it is a fact nonetheless. Hemp butter is an effective product ingredient when it comes to skin care and cosmetics!

Many people, both men and women, use hemp butter to care for their skin, particularly in the southern hemisphere where the UV component of sunlight can turn even the youngest skin into tough leather in a relatively short period of time.

Too many of today's skin care products are formulated from synthetic substances that do little for your skin other than make it smooth due to the oils they contain. Engine oil will make your skin feel smooth; but will it make it healthy? How about a good dollop of axle grease - the ultimate in smoothness. Or would you prefer hemp butter, with its healthy combination of fatty acids designed to keep your skin looking youthful and fresh?

Forget the hype, here are the facts about Hemp Butter:

  1. Hemp is generally grown organically without pesticides or any other chemicals. It is organic and natural. It is therefore not only good for your body, but also for the environment, so when you use hemp butter you are helping to protect the environment.
  2. Hemp contains a good ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids. This means that hemp seed oil is better than flax seed oil for your health and for your skin. Hemp butter also provides you with excellent protection against the damaging UV component of sunlight, so helps keep your skin healthy.
  3. It is not coincidence that hemp makes a strong fiber, and it also contains substances that prevent its degradation by the elements. In fact, one leads to the other, and by using hemp butter, you can use the natural components of hemp to help to protect your skin from these same elements. Many argue that one doesn't necessarily lead to the other, but in this case it does.
  4. Omega 3 oils are healthy, not only for your heart, but also for your skin.  UV radiation from the sun can dry up your skin and cause the production of many damaging free radicals. Hemp butter helps combat the sun's drying effects, and its antioxidant properties help destroy free radicals before they have a chance to damage skin cells.

No matter what other skin cream you might choose, you will have to look hard to find one that can synthetically reproduce the natural protective properties of hemp butter. In fact, you might never do so!