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Hemp Seed Oil

Though commonly associated with cannabis, hemp seed oil is not regulated by any government, and has no association with the well known drug, nor does it contain THC, which is the psychoactive compound found in cannabis. In fact, hemp finds it largest commercial use in rope making, although the seed has been used through history for various medicinal applications.

Extracted from the seed of the hemp plant, the oil contains a high proportion of essential polyunsaturated acids. The fatty acids contained in hemp seed oil are primarily linoleic acid (55%) and linolenic acid (19%), and other active substances include the antioxidants Vitamin E, carotene and phytosterols. It also contains several minerals, principally calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. So what do these have to do with skin care?

Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil for Skin

  • Essential Fatty Acids: These acids are essential in that they are needed in human metabolism, but are not manufactured by the body itself.  Therefore, they must therefore be taken in the diet or absorbed topically through the skin.

  • Antioxidants: The antioxidants reduce the free radical destruction of the skin cell membranes that causes the visible effects of skin aging such as liver spots and wrinkles. The linoleic and linolenic fatty acids possess anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the incidence of spots and inflammations such as acne and other skin complaints. The oil can help to reduce the occurence of lesions of the skin and to prevent dry skin from developing into inflammatory conditions.

In essence, hemp seed oil is an emollient, preventing dryness of the skin, inflammation of the sebaceous ducts, and scaly skin. In other words it helps to keep your skin healthy and free from the early signs of aging. As skin ages, the level of substances known as ceramides reduces and they become les flexible due to the reduction in degree of saturation of the fatty acids that keep them flexible.

By applying hemp seed oil to your skin and rubbing it well in, you compensate for the reduction in ceramides, and help your skin to retain its flexibility. The overall effect is a reduction in wrinkles and maintenance of the youthful appearance of your skin.

Not only this, but the oils also contains all of the nine essential amino acids that you have to take into your body, because it cannot produce them on its own. These acids are necessary for the biosynthesis of proteins and ultimately the DNA needed for the regeneration of new skin cells. It also contains around 23% protein that is also an essential component in the regeneration of new body cells to replace those destroyed by the oxidative stress of free radical action.naked hemp natural soap


Furthermore, it has been established that the linoleic and linolenic fatty acids (Omega 6) have a positive effect in the treatment of acne-afflicted skin due to their anti-inflammatory properties preventing the eruption of pustules and cysts.


Hemp seed oil is light, natural oil, and can be used in face washes, general body washes and cleansers, and it can also be used in skin creams and liniments to help keep the effects of aging skin at bay and to keep you feeling youthful and supple.

Hemp Seed Oil delivers even more regenerative skin care benefits when combined with other "superfoods for skin"

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"I was absolutely thrilled when [Laura, owner of Castle Baths] said she could formulate a skin care system that addressed my needs. I religiously use the Avocado Face Cream in the morning. I spend a great deal of time on my boat. In order to protect my skin from the sun and wind on the water, I reapply throughout the day. I apply the Avocado Hemp Regenerative Cream in the evening for overnight super healing."

- Dave