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How to Have Beautiful Skin Naturally


Coffee, Salt & Mud – What do they have in common?

What do mud, salt, and coffee have in common? They are all natural methods for how to have beautiful skin! Whether you suffer from common skin afflictions such as acne, dry skin, or psoriasis, or you just want to make sure your skin has that smooth, airbrushed look when you wear that little black dress, using a combination of Dead Sea Mud, Dead Sea Salt, and coffee grounds can help you get and keep that sexy smooth look you deserve.


mud salt coffee

How to get good skin using Dead Sea Mud

Dead Sea Mud skin care isn’t just about looking great; it’s about feeling great and keeping your skin healthy! The rich mineral and nutrient content of Dead Sea Mud makes it an excellent solution for acne and blemishes, as well as a detox skin care solution to remove toxins from your pores. Discover how to get good skin that is both healthy and beautiful with our Dead Sea Mud skin care regimen below:

  • Use our Dead Sea Mud Mask weekly. Our Dead Sea Mud Mask is 100% pure authentic Dead Sea Mud, and is your first best line of defense against toxins and environmental pollutants that can get inside the deep layers of your skin.

  • Use  our Dead Sea Mud Soap daily. Our Dead Sea Mud Soap contains the largest quantity of pure, authentic Dead Sea Mud you’ll probably ever find in a mud bar, making it an excellent natural skin care solution for acne. Our Dead Sea Mud Soap helps to clear acne the same way our Dead Sea Mud Mask helps to remove toxins: by deep-cleansing your facial pores. Our mud bar is formulated with highly antioxidant ingredients to feed your skin instead of leaving it stripped.

The fact that you have toxins inside your pores is one of the main causes of adult acne. Your body’s biological detox systems attempt to expel toxins from the rest of your body by pushing them out through your skin’s pores. This often causes your pores to become blocked, resulting in inflammation, and thus, acne. If you believe your acne is the result of oily skin more so than toxins, our Dead Sea Mud Soap can help with this cause as well. Our Dead Sea Mud soap has proven effective in removing excessive oil from the face, to include oil-based cosmetics such as cream makeup and even clown makeup, without stripping your skin of the natural oil it needs to stay hydrated.


How to get good skin using Dead Sea Salt

Dead Sea Salt is another excellent detox skin care solution and moisturizer. Unlike Epsom salt and table salt, Dead Sea Salt is non-drying to skin due to its high mineral content, and actually is very effective at hydrating your skin by helping your skin to draw in moisture from surrounding air and/or water. This is why it is such a great natural moisturizer when used as an ingredient in Dead Sea Bath Salts and Dead Sea Salt Soap.

For a great exfoliation solution, use a Dead Sea Salt bath scrub. The same minerals responsible for Dead Sea Salt’s moisturizing abilities will help to polish your skin, removing dead skin cells and uncovering fresh, silky smooth, glowing skin that will look flawless in a dress or swimsuit.


How to get good skin with coffee

Coffee makes an excellent skin care ingredient due to its high concentration of caffeine and antioxidants. Multiple independent scientific studies have shown caffeine to be effective in reducing inflammation in skin. This ability gives coffee many practical benefits when used in skin care products, one of the more popular being:

celluliteReducing the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite forms when the subcutaneous fat layer of your skin becomes inflamed as a result of poor circulation, expanding normal fat cells, a decrease in collagen production, or changes in your body’s production of the hormone estrogen (see illustration right.) Since inflammation plays a primary role in cellulite’s creation, natural anti-inflammatory skin care products such as those made with coffee can aid in reducing its appearance.

Coffee, by virtue of containing caffeine, helps reduce cellulite by drawing excessive water out of the inflamed area of your skin, resulting in a temporary decrease in inflammation and improved circulation in the affected area. In essence, coffee helps with cellulite by reducing water retention.

To also keep your skin from becoming dehydrated, we make our Cellu Coffee Soap with a blend of natural oil-based moisturizers to include Organic Palm Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Palm Kernel Oil, and Organic Cocoa Butter, all of which moisturize your skin with oil rather than water for a soft, silky smooth yet not-inflamed appearance.

Using any one of these products get you well on your way to beautiful skin. Developing a regular skin care regimen comprised of Dead Sea Mud, Dead Sea Salt, and coffee is an even better method for how to have beautiful skin, and maintain your beauty indefinitely! Combine them for an extravagant spa experience!