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Need to prep your skin for a beach body FAST? How to make skin glow with bath scrubs

How Dead Sea Products can give you a glowing face and beach body:

beach bodyWorried about how your skin will look in a swimsuit? Learn how to make skin glow and prep it for that perfect beach tan simply by using Castle Baths’ Dead Sea Salt soap and bath scrubs. Castle Baths offers you natural protection from the sun’s rays by exfoliating your skin so it won’t peel while you sunbathe.

Bath scrubs are sometimes called “body polish” or “body scrubs” for their ability to exfoliate your skin and remove all the dead skin cells lingering from the winter months that are now dulling your skin’s natural luster. Using a bath scrub is the first step to getting that perfect, tanned “beach body” that will turn heads when you show up in that new bikini. They polish by moisturizing and softening your skin, leaving it smooth and silky, and they scrub by exfoliating your skin, thus helping to protect it from peeling in the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

So go ahead and become a sun goddess! Once you’ve scrubbed with our bath scrubs, your skin will be in prime condition for a good workout at the gym or a day of sunbathing at the beach! Follow up with daily moisturizing with our Dead Sea Salt Soap, and you’ll be able to maintain your beach body skin all summer long!

Discover this easy and simple solution to achieve a glowing face and beach body skin!

Use Castle Baths’ Dead Sea Salt soap and bath scrubs when you want to feel:

  •  Confident and sexy showing off your perfectly-toned, silky smooth skin
  •  So youthful and vigorous, your age will seem like just a meaningless number
  •  Healthy, sophisticated, and stylish knowing that you are using all-natural, dead sea spa products with Certified Organic and Wild-Crafted ingredients instead of those cheap, synthetic, chemical-and-toxin-filled products you see in the drug store
  • Seductive and sensual, with an aroma of spring surrounding your every move

Castle Baths offers quality Dead Sea skin care products for all skin types! Our Dead Sea Salt bath scrubs work wonders on dry/dehydrated, normal, combination, and oily skin. Those with sensitive skin may wish to try our Brown Sugar Bath Scrubs in lieu of Dead Sea Salt bath scrubs, as sugar scrubs are more gentle, and can be used on both your face and your body.

Handmade with Certified Organic and Wild-Crafted Ingredients for your health and safety

Currently, there is no regulation on the term “natural” or even “all-natural.” As such, cosmetics companies can use these terms without fear of prosecution, even if their products fail to live up to those claims. We know that you’re a conscientious consumer, and you need more than just our word to assure you that we are, in fact, telling the truth about the safety of our Dead Sea products.

ALL of our Dead Sea skin care products are:

  •  Made with Certified Organic and Wild-Crafted ingredients (and we’re working on getting FDA approval to use the Certified Organic seal on our product labels.)
  •  Cruelty free – we never test on animals. Castle Baths owner/formulator Laura Thomas tests all of our products on herself first, before we ever sell anything to the general public.
  •  Made with pure, authentic Dead Sea Salt from the Dead Sea. Our Dead Sea Salt products are so pure, you may find one or two pebbles from the sea mixed in!


bath scrub - lavender seaweed

The beauty and skin care benefits of bath scrubs have been proven scientifically numerous times

  •  Using Castle Baths Dead Sea Salt Soap or Bath Scrubs help to deep-cleanse your skin’s pores, making them less noticeable when you need or want to show skin.
  •  Dead Sea Salt is very moisturizing to skin, leaving your skin silky soft and smooth. Our Dead Sea Salt Soap even feels like lotion on your skin, rather than soap, because it is so hydrating!
  • Castle Baths bath scrubs exfoliate your skin and remove dead skin cells that are dulling your body’s natural radiance, making it an excellent natural method for how to get glowing skin for your summer beach body!
  •  Exfoliation with our bath scrubs will also help protect your skin from peeling when exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

According to researchers at Oklahoma State University, dead skin cells, also known as cornified cells, harden when left on your body, and continue to become harder every day until you remove them via a salt or sugar-based bath scrub.

Studies conducted at the University of Pennsylvania have also found that exfoliation with bath scrubs helps promote the growth of new skin cells, as well as removing dead cells. When skin regenerates, it automatically tightens, producing a younger, firmer look, and evens out your skin tone, resulting in a smooth appearance and texture.  

The National Psoriasis Foundation has attested publicly to the many health benefits of Dead Sea Salt products for treating psoriasis and many other skin conditions.