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Great Reasons to Use Certified Organic Jojoba Oil in your Skin Care Products

 Jojoba oil ticks all the boxes where skin care is concerned. It is loaded with unsaturated fatty acids and high in Vitamin E, both of which are essential nutrients your skin needs to stay youthful and healthy. It is also the skin care oil that most resembles your skin's natural sebum oil. This makes it a great skin care ingredient to look for if you have chronically dry skin (which often lacks the ability to produce sufficient sebum oil to stay hydrated on its own) and, ironically, makes it a beneficial skin care ingredient for people with oily skin.If you have oily skin, you may be hesitant to use anything that would put more oil into your skin, but jojoba oil will actually help regulate how much sebum oil your skin produces so you don't end up with an oil slick on your face or an acne breakout.

In Certified Organic Jojoba Oil, these natural ingredients come without the accompanying emulsifiers, surface active agents and other synthetic substances that are often included in skin care products that incorporate synthetic ingredients into their formulations.  Using Certified Organic Jojoba Oil oil will give you many benefits, largely due to the long chain fatty esters similar to those in coconut oil and other oils beneficial to your skin. 

What is jojoba oil?

Jojoba oil is produced via cold-pressing of the nuts and seeds of the jojoba tree, which is an evergreen that grows in the desert areas of California, Arizona, and Mexico, and in other similarly hot climates.

It is actually inaccurate to refer to jojoba as being an oil, since it is technically a wax, albeit a liquid wax. When hydrogenated it is very similar to spermaceti, the solid wax obtained from the sperm whale.  Since the sperm whale is an endangered species, it makes sense to use Certified Organic Jojoba Oil in applications, such as hair preparations, where formerly sperm oil, or spermaceti wax, would have been used.cold pressed rice bran oil for skin

As discussed above, Jojoba Oil is very similar to sebum, or natural human skin oil. In fact it is more similar to the natural oil than any synthetic oils that have been devised for skin application. So which would you prefer?  A synthetic oily substance or a natural oil that is the closest substance you will get to your natural skin oil.

Currently there is a wordwide shortage of jojoba oil, which has driven the price of purchasing pure, certified organic jojoba oil through the roof. As a result, you may find products made with certified organic jojoba oil to be somewhat out of your price range. If you do, you may want to consider using pure, cold-pressed rice bran oil, or products made with rice bran oil instead, as it has many properties and skin care benefits in common with jojoba oil, but costs significantly less.

Benefits of jojoba oil for skin and scalp care

The best choice for you will always be to go natural – to get as many different natural ingredients in your skin care and cosmetic products that you can.Certified Organic Jojoba Oil  is one of these all-natural ingredients that you would consider using for any number of reasons.  

One is that, when used in shampoos, it can help to prevent an excessive build-up of sebum in the scalp. Excess sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands of your skin is a major cause of acne.

Although you do not actually ingest the oil, it is absorbed through your skin, and the ingredients of Certified Organic Jojoba Oil are able to work wonders on your skin and on your body in general. It can tighten and firm your skin, allowing you to have a more natural look with less product used. It also renders it more supple and fresh-looking, knocking years off your appearance.

Whether you are using Certified Organic Jojoba Oil oil in your hair care products, your cosmetics, or your skin care products, you will benefit from the natural smells, colors, and nutrients that are found in the Jojoba plant. These work together to help your skin, hair, and nails become brighter, clearer, and less problematic for you to look after.

Finding products that have all-natural ingredients is very important for the health your hair and skin, so you make sure that you have a good look at the ingredients listed on the products that you are considering using. Products such as Certified Organic Jojoba Oil, with all-natural ingredients, going to be much better for you in the long run, and are going to end up making you much happier as well because they make you feel better and look better.