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Natural Glycerin: Is Glycerin Safe for Skin?

A better question is: Why should Vegetable Glycerine be the glycerin of choice and not glycerin derived from Animals?

With all the hype surrounding other ingredients in cosmetics, people have begun to wonder, "Is glycerin safe for my skin?" The answer to this question is both "yes" and "no," depending on whether the glycerin in question is indeed natural glycerin or glycerin that has been derived from synthetic sources such as petroleum-based oils. To answer this question in more detail, it is first necessary to explain exactly what glycerin is and why cosmetics companies use it in the formulation of their products.

Another point to note is there are more than one type of glycerin- derived from both animal and plant. The cheaper version such as that found at Wal-mart is made from animals and I personally would never use any product with this form of natural glycerin. Here's why....

Many, many years ago working in the fast food industry, we used to sell our left over grease from our burgers being fried and the old used up fry oil mixed to soap companies. The soap company would make their soaps from this used up old grease and then collect the glycerin for resale as well.  This form of Glycerin is not purified! Honestly using soap and or glycerine from this ingredient medium disgusts me, and gives me one more reason to shop soaps both natural and commercial with my eyes wide opened!. More of this in moment, first lets look at Glycerine itself.

What is Glycerin?

Glycerin is a humectant: a substance that helps pull in moisture from the surrounding environment to moisturize your skin. It is most commonly used not for its humectant properties but as an emollient (a substance used to blend ingredients together and maintain consistency.) 

It is one of those natural substances that has synthetic equivalents, or at least synthetic chemicals that claim to do the same job as glycerin.  However, it is always better to use natural products wherever possible, since many people can be allergic to synthetic chemicals. So, what exactly is glycerin and where does it come from?

Chemical-derived glycerin is an alcohol, in the form of a thick liquid that is soluble in other alcohols and water, which is why it is added to many synthetic skin care products.

Natural glycerin is not a chemical or alcohol; it is derived from plant-based oils. It has hygroscopic properties, meaning it absorbs moisture and, if left alone, would absorb up to 20% of its weight in water. That’s how it keeps your skin wonderfully moist.

It is derived from oils of many types. Some cosmetics companies produce the glycerin they use in their products from animal origins or from petroleum-based oils. Castle Baths, as a natural, vegan spa and bath company, uses only glycerin that has been derived from plant-based oils such as palm kernel oil or coconut oil. We do not use glycerin derived from corn or soy, as these are both Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) produced by the company Monsanto. We do not support the manufacture or use of GMOs, and therefore do not use any GMO-based ingredients in our products.

Is Natural Glycerin Safe for Skin?

Yes, Natural glycerin is perfectly safe, and even beneficial to skin. It is also a byproduct of soap making, and causes natural glycerin soaps to appear translucent. It is even safe for young children, and in fact is much better for them than commercial soap, keeping their skin lovely and soft, and also for you. Remember my story about selling the grease pit junk to the soap companies? One more reason why natural soaps are better for you than  store commercially made bars.

You can always tell a bar of glycerin soap due to its hygroscopic properties.  It forms beads of moisture on the surface, and dissolves more easily in water.  It therefore does not last as long as regular soaps. However, these drawbacks are worth it, because glycerin soap is much better for your skin than commercial soaps. Manufacturers of commercial soaps deliberately extract the glycerin to make the soap last longer, which causes the soap to dry out your skin. If your skin is allowed to dry out, it becomes wrinkled and prematurely aged. You can see the effect on white-skinned people who live in hot climates.

Ok, I'm convinced it's safe, but how do I add glycerin to my skin care regimen?

Natural glycerin can be mixed with or used in combination with almost any skin care product or regimen. Castle Baths Offers vegetable natural 5% glycerin through our Exotic Earth line. Pure Glycerin would actually damage and burn your skin. Whereas when glycerine is mixed into formalizations at 1 percent - it actually helps the other ingredients work their magic on moisturizing your skin. In a spray bottle, using this 5 percent spray after your shower will help you maintain and maximize hydration in your skin.

Fact:  Body moisturizers with natural glycerin is the secret to amazing skin

Solutions and uses for glycerin - we recommend Exotic Earth Natural Glycerin Spray, combined with the following:

natural glycerin for acne and acne scars

  1. Great for acne and acne scars (try it with our Anti-Acne Face Mask) Great to use with A Clay Facial Mask

    Our natural glycerin is naturally antibacterial, making it great for acne and acne scars! Use our glycerin instead of water as a mixing solution with our anti-acne black kaolin facial mask to keep your pores happy.

    natural glycerin for moisturizing glowing skin

  2. Use natural glycerin as a moisturizer (try it with our Rose Hydrosol and apply right before your face cream)

    Our glycerin is naturally humectant, meaning it draws moisture into your skin from your surroundings. It can be added to almost any moisturizer and is a main ingredient in a variety of CB body moisturizers and face creams. Use it or one of our body mists right after you shower to take advantage of all the soothing moisture in the air. This combination also makes an excellent toner.

    natural glycerin for sunburn damage skin

  3. Soothe sunburned and sun damaged skin (try it with our aloe vera body butter or spray)

    Natural glycerin is one of the best natural topicals you can use to soothe sunburned and sun damaged skin, as its humectant properties help your skin maintain a healthy balance of moisture in your skin cells, while the aloe vera infuses your skin with UV-damage-fighting antioxidants.

    natural glycerin anti-wrinkle youthful skin

  4. Stay wrinkle free and youthful (try it with one of our face and body creams)

    Mix our natural glycerin with our pure hazelnut oil to create the perfect natural anti-wrinkle facial serum for mature, hormonal skin and keep signs of aging at bay.

    natural glycerin for cracked heels itchy skin

  5. Soften dry, cracked heels and itchy, patchy skin (try it with one of our Dead Sea Salt Scrubs)

    Add a little natural glycerin to any of our Dead Sea Salt scrubs or sugar scrubs to intensify their softening effect on areas of itchy, flaky skin or dry, cracked heels.

    glycerin to moisturize after showering

  6. Soak up the moisture (try our natural glycerin-based body mists or lotion mists after showering)

    The CB Classics aromatherapy line includes natural glycerin-based body mists and body lotion mists, ideal for use just after showering to soak up all the moisture suspended in the air and deliver it to your skin.Choose from seven proprietary aromatherapy scents.


Why should you consider using Natural Glycerin Products?

Is your skin dry, damaged, dehydrated? Both our vegetable based glycerin and body lotion sprays will help soothe and moisturize your spray with a simple spray over after each shower. Imagine how simple it is to get the benefits of something simply by a simple spray. No need to rub creams in or even dab dry. In fact, the glycerin will continue to add moisture into your skin after you apply it since its one of the best humectants. A humectant is a product or by product that pulls moisture out of the air and onto your skin. This also makes our mists ideal for dehydrated skin.

  • Vegetable based is usually considered of food grade quality, it's cleaner, and purified. It last a long time.
  • Glycerin is an emollient and humectant; it softens and moisturizes the skin by forming an oily layer on top that draws or traps water in/on the skin.

  • The cosmetic effect of Glycerin on the skin is that it makes it look healthier and more attractive; this is due in part to the fact that the skin is hydrated and does not appear scaly or dry.

  • Glycerin is odorless, which makes it a great option for people that are sensitive to strong scents!

  • Obtainable from both animal fats and vegetable oils, Glycerin has natural options for everybody.

  • Animal based is not purified, goes rancid very fast and is not always pure.
Did you know?
Safer ingredients natural products from Castlebaths

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Glycerin is also included in natural spa and bath products other than soap, such as our Hand and Body Lotions. When looking for the best moisturizer for dry skin, natural glycerin should definitely be on the ingredient list.

It is frequently used in oral products to stop them from drying out, and possesses a natural sweet taste. When used on your skin, it doesn’t just sit on the top, but can penetrate and allow it to breathe while retaining moisture. Glycerin is truly a safe and natural skin care product that acts very simply to keep your skin feeling soft, lovely, and moist. Natural glycerin gives your skin an explosion of moisture and softness.