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Persian Cat Grooming Secrets by Breeder Laura Thomas


How to groom and bathe your Persian like a pro, so he/she will stand out like a show cat!

Grooming and bathing a Persian cat is no easy task, even for professional groomers. For newbies, it can feel almost impossible, particularly if your Persian isn't in a cooperative mood.

Persian cats have the most fur of almost any other breed around, and will require regular grooming and bathing to keep their fur from becoming stained or matted. Fortunately for you, Persians usually have a mild, docile temperment and most are quite willing to be groomed. Some even enjoy it, and crave the attention it brings them.

Below, I will share with you some of the grooming tips I learned and tips I ended up inventing myself during my 20 years of breeding and showing Persian cats, so you can:

  • Save yourself the time, stress, and cost of going to a professional groomer
  • Avoid the dreaded "lion cut"
  • Have your Persian(s) look like show cats, regardless of whether or not you plan to attend shows



About Breeder Laura Thomas

Laura- grooming Presian cats at Castle BathsHello, My name is Laura of Purrinlot Persian Cattery, owner and formulator of Castle Baths Spa Products. My business is natural spa products. My hobby is the Persian cat!

I have shown successfully many Persian cats and Kittens to top national levels. I have won titles for having some of the best Persians in the world of cats. The success of my wins started with proper grooming. Genetics, diet and proper grooming are all very important!



Today, I offer a line of products formulated especially for the long-haired cat. These products were designed with the show Persian in mind. But before I go into the details on those, let me share with you a few of the best kept secrets behind a show cat.


Groomer & breeder secrets for Persian cat care

So many little things can affect your Persian's coat.

Below you will find 6 Persian cat grooming tips that helped me achieve success in cat shows. You'll find even more Persian grooming tips in our grooming DVDs, which will actually teach you to groom your cat step-by-step, what products work best, and how to properly wash your Persian Cat and other long-hairs like a professional! These DVDs are the only of their kind on the market today! Actually, they are the ONLY Persian Grooming DVDs on the market!


Cat Grooming Secret #1: diet matters

persian groomingWhat goes in comes out! Diet is of utmost importance along with the family tree of the kitty. Did you know diet can take up to 6 months to be fully seen in a coat or skin condition.  So please feed well and start young! The condition of the coat also shares the health of the cat.


Cat Grooming Secret #2: choose the right brush, and comb. A wide metal greyhound comb is best!

You'll need the proper tools of the trade and professional training to achieve success in the ring. Shown below is a slicker brush- DON'T use a slicker brush - use a COMB! Having practice and the proper tools make the coat! A wide, metal greyhound comb is suggested and should be combed through the coat daily from the root to the end. Don't forget the chest area, behind the ears, and up under the armpits.

persian cat grooming

Cat Grooming Secret #3: work mats and knots out BEFORE you bathe!

Mats need to be removed before the bath or they will become worse. Never cut them out with a sharp-pointed tool such as scissors; you could cut the kitty if he jumps. Rip them apart into little knots and try working them out with a comb or your fingers. Sometimes powder can help too.

Work large mats into smaller knots and work from the skin-side out. Skin under the mat is normally very tender and sore. An infection can occur if the mat is left too long. Keeping the cat clean is the best way to avoid mats. When Persians become greasy under the chest, and especially and under the armpits, small knots become large mats very quickly. Powder can help absorb some of the grease. I would suggest using soft white grooming powder between baths.

I recall in junior high school someone telling me she didn't have time to wash her hair so she used baby powder and brushed it through. Well, this works for the cats too, but please be careful and don't over do it and don't allow it to get in their eyes.

If you simply cannot work those mats out, you might need to call on your vet or a groomer and get your cat a haircut. However, PLEASE make sure the groomer doesn't give your kitty some fungus or mites. You don't need to get a haircut to come home with a new problem or issue, and neither does your kitty.


Cat Grooming Secret #4: choose the right shampoo - I'll even give you a free copy of download on which shampoo to use. Click here for your free copy!

It's all in the grooming, and it's all about the foundational shampoo. You need to really look for a shampoo that will degrease and remove oils from the skin with out stripping the coat. Otherwise, instead of growing coat and fluff with every bath, you may actually find the hair shaft growth stunted and or even breaking off.

almond oatmeal honey shampooEach color of coat may require a different Cat Shampoo. For example, Whites need a shampoo with a brightening or bluing formula to whiten the coat. Blacks need to be darkened and spared from too much light and drying. Tabbies require their bars to be enriched, and Reds need to redden their orange appearance. Bicolor's and Dilutes require a shampoo to bring out their dominant fur color, keeping in mind to also brighten the white. Shampoos are sold with colors of coats in mind, and will specify exactly what they are intended to do. Our Oatmeal Almond Shampoo can take care of any coat color and texture.


Cat TOP Secret #5: know how often to bathe

To the untrained eye, a Persian cat most likely will appear clean even when dirty. Show cats are degreased and bathed to look their very best. The coat of a well-groomed Persian will not look separated or greasy. Many breeders degrease with either Dawn or Joy dish washing liquid in the bath water or Goop on a dry coat. But be careful, because degreasing can also strip a coat if moisture is not replenished when weekly show baths are given.

cat bathThe ideal frequency of baths depends on each individual cat's fur. Dilute-coated cats tend to be able to go longer between baths yet they mat up faster. Silk coats tend to look string faster, yet hardly ever mat and knot. Some Persians require baths bi-weekly, while others can go up to six weeks between before even looking dirty.


Cat Grooming Secret #6: rinse thoroughly

Without a doubt, everyone thinks they rinse really good. However, if one would rinse 50% longer or rinse 3 different times, they would notice a great improvement in the bounce of the cat's coat. So when you think you have rinse as good as possible, RINSE one more time. But, be sure to keep the ears free of water!
This might save your kitty from catching a cold.


Many breeders enjoy what is called a lion's cut during the breeding season when the kitty isn't being showed. This cut is a shaved body with the tail, legs, and mane un-shaved. It is quite charming, but the cat isn't allowed to be showed with this cut. :-)

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