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Refer A Friend: Earn Discounts When You Tell Your Friends About Us

refer a friendDo you love to tell your friends and family about your new spa and bath purchases, or how you discovered that by bathing with Dead Sea Bath Salts, you can keep your skin hydrated in the winter. Would you like to earn discounts on future Castle Baths purchases by doing this? With our Refer a Friend Program, you can!

  1. Log into your Castle Baths user account (or create one.)
  2. Click the "Invite A Friend" button to the left.
  3. Type in your friends' e-mail addresses into the form that appears.
  4. Wait for your friend(s) to accept your invitations.

Click here for a step-by-step tutorial with pictures (PDF)


Earn up to 30% off any order when you tell your friends about our Refer A Friend program

  • Earn 10% off for every 10 people you get to sign up for our Refer A Friend program, for a maximum discount of 30%
  • No action is required on your part once you meet your goal number of sign ups. (Discount is applied automatically to your Castle Baths user account)
  • Once signed up, your friends will be able to take advantage of this discount opportunity as well, by telling their friends about the program. You win! They win!

You can earn up to 30% off your next Castle Baths order simply by telling your friends about us. When you get 10 or more people to sign up for our Refer A Friend program, we’ll give you a 10% discount on your next order. This discount increases proportionally too, so if you get 20 friends to sign up, you’ll get 20% off. For 30 sign ups, you’ll receive the maximum discount of 30% off. These discounts will be automatically applied to your Castle Baths user account, so no action is required on your part to claim your reward once you meet your goal number of sign ups. They can also be used with coupons.


Earn 10% of the value of your friends’ purchases as a discount off your next order(s) (IN ADDITION TO THE ABOVE OFFER!)

  • You only need to refer 1 person to start earning discounts
  • You get 10% of the value of your friends’ purchases over $25 applied as a discount to your account
  • Ex: if Sally SpaGoer buys $100 worth of Castle Baths spa products, you get $10 off your next order(s)
  • No limits on the number of referrals to which this discount applies or the number of purchases your friends make – so, theoretically, if you refer 10 people who all buy $100 worth of merchandise, you could earn $100 off!
  • This discount works in tandem with the offer above, so if you refer 10 people, not only will you earn 10% off their purchases, but you’ll receive an additional 10% off just for getting them to sign up
  • No expiration on your discounts – use them all at once, use them one at a time on multiple orders, stockpile them and treat yourself to a nearly free product once they’ve accumulated. The choice is yours!

Don’t think you can get 10 sign ups? No problem! You can still take advantage of this amazing discount opportunity by just getting one person to sign up. That’s right, you only need one sign up to start earning discounts. Whenever one of your referrals makes a purchase, you’ll earn 10% of the value of any purchases they make over $25. This discount works in tandem with our other offers as well, so if you refer 10 people, you’ll get 10% off any order for simply referring them, plus 10% off whatever they purchase. You may also use coupons with this offer.


Carla The Dog Breeder Says:

dog breeder"I include a sample Anna Designer Pet Breeder Kit, which includes a $5 Castle Baths coupon, with every one of my new pups. The people who buy from me almost always ask me what I use to feed and groom my pups because they want to ensure that they continue the exact same care regimen I use, so I give them a sample of each. I also input their e-mail addresses into Castle Baths' Refer A Friend form so that they will know where to buy more Anna Designer Pet products. This way, they get a discount, and so do I for referring them. It's a win-win situation!"

Elizabeth The Savvy Shopper Says:

luxury"All my friends were asking me about my Dead Sea Mud Bar, so I put all their e-mail addresses into Castle Baths' Refer A Friend Program. The next day, I found a 30% discount waiting for me in my inbox. Apparently most of my friends had accepted my invitation and a few had even made their first purchase."

When Elizabeth invited some friends from her church over to her house to celebrate her birthday, they all noticed something astonishing. Her face had a healthy, youthful glow. She was not, as they expected, worrying about wrinkles, but rather was in high spirits. When one woman, Ellen, asked her about it, Elizabeth smiled and took Ellen upstairs to her bathroom to show her her secret. Ellen peeked through the door and stared at it – the Dead Sea Black Mineral Mud Bar resting on the counter next to Elizabeth's sink, her eyes wide with awe.

Throughout the evening, word of Elizabeth’s anti-aging secret spread throughout the house. When it came time to leave, many of them asked her if she could send them some information on this “Castle Baths” company she had discovered. Elizabeth promised to e-mail them all later that night. When everyone had left, she logged into Castle Baths’ website, clicked the “refer a friend” button, and typed in the e-mail addresses of everyone she had invited to her party.

The next morning, Elizabeth awoke to find that most of her friends had accepted her referrals and created Castle Baths accounts for themselves. A few had even already made their first purchases. As a result, she found a 30% discount waiting for her when she went online to shop that afternoon – the combined effects of the 10% discount she received for getting 10 friends to sign up, plus 10% of the value of each friend’s purchases. A happy birthday, indeed!

 Disclaimer: Elizabeth and Carla are not real people and their stories are not real testimonials. They are both personas used to give examples of how our products and services can benefit you.