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Loyalty Spa Points- we give back!


spa points - gift
Give yourself a Gift with Loyalty Spa Points!

What are Spa Points? Points given to you for your loyalty. They work like real dollars.

Castle Baths Spa Points are earned with every purchase. We will convert your dollars to points!

How does it work?

You will earn a point for every dollar you spend, and earn 5% cash back. Spend $100.00 and receive 100 points. Each point is collected is then converted into dollars. For every 100 points collected you will receive $5.00 off. .You can redeem during the current checkout order, or save the points for return visits. Use some now, some later. It's all up to you. Just note, points are not available unless you are a registered customer, logged in during checkout and have earn at least 100 points- then every order thereafter will allow you to redeem your points as you desire.

  • Collect 100 points , receive $5.00 off
  • Collect 500 points, receive $25.00 off
  • Collect 1000 points receive $50.00 off
  • Collect as many points as you wish and use them as you wish, when you wish!

spa points

How to sign up

Great news! If you've purchased from us as a registered user (not a guest), then you're already signed up and you've already earned some spa points!

If you haven't purchased from us as a registered customer, it's easy to create an account. Just follow the sign up steps on our new customer tutorial page.

We keep track of your points for you automatically every time you sign in to make it easy for you to tell how many points you have at any given time. Just go to "my account" to check on your points and/or redeem them.

Want more points?

Here are some activities you can do on our site to earn more points:

  • Upload a video about us or our products- 100.00 points
  • Write a review - 50 points per product reviewed
  • Join in on one of our polls - 10 points per poll
  • Subscribe to our newsletter - 50 points
  • Tell us your Birthday - 50 points and a Birthday annual coupon

And as a bonus, we'll send you an email quarterly sharing your point account balances:-)