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Sweet Communion

Relaxing Lavender & Ylang Ylang Blend: Sweet Communion

The Sweet Communion aromatherapy blend of lavender and ylang ylang was first formulated by Castle Baths owner and founder Laura Thomas for her own personal use during a difficult pregnancy. She discovered the blend of these two essential oils was ideal for soothing and calming the many stresses of pregnancy, to include leg cramps and charlie horses. Now, she offers this blend to others interested in relaxing and reviving via aromatherapy. If that sounds like you or someone you know, buy now!

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body mist spray - lavender ylang ylang

Hydrating Natural Body Mist - Lavender - Sweet Communion

Regular Price: $21.00

Special Price $17.99

body lotion mist - lavender ylang ylang

Moisturizing Body Lotion Mist Spray - Lavender - Sweet Communion


hand body lotion lavender

Luxury Shea Butter Hand and Body Lotion - Sweet Lavender


massage oil lavender ylang ylang

Premium Aromatic Relaxing Massage Oil - Lavender - Sweet Communion


Pampering Herbal Bath Tea - Sweet Communion Lavender Pampering Herbal Bath Tea - Sweet Communion Lavender

Pampering Herbal Bath Tea - Sweet Communion Lavender


foot salts - lavender ylang ylang

Dead Sea Mineral Foot Bath Salts - Sweet Communion Lavender Peppermint


natural soap sweet communion

Lavender Oatmeal Natural Soap

dead sea bath salts

Relaxing Dead Sea Salts for the Soul - Sweet Communion Lavender

bath salt conditioning soak

Relaxing Dead Sea Salts CONDITIONING Soak - Sweet Communion Lavender

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NOTE: The Sweet Communion lavender and ylang ylang blend is intended purely for aromatherapy purposes and is not intended to treat or cure any aches and pains, merely to help calm and relax you, and generally put you in a better mood. The Sweet Communion blend is not a drug and has not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA.)