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What scent am I?

Did you know that a person’s gender and age can influence how a person will perceive a particular aroma? Aromatherapy can be a very effective means of lifting your spirit, but only if the right essential oil blend is paired with the right person. A floral aroma intended to help relax a woman suffering from cramps will likely not be of much benefit to a man looking for something to calm his restless mind before going to bed. To help you discover which of our blends will work best for you, we’ve created this short quiz.  

The quiz:

1. I am:

A. Female B. Male

2. I am between the ages of:

A. 18-29 B. 30-40 C. 40-55 D. 55+ 

3. I most enjoy the aroma of:

A. Vanilla B. Fruit C. Geraniums D. Roses E. Lavender

4. I struggle with:

A. Insomnia B. Tiredness/lethargy C. Womanly woes (ex: PMS) D. Stress

5. I want to try aromatherapy in order to:

A. Sleep B. Wake up C. Relax D. Feel sexy/romantic E. Meditate

6. I consider myself a(n) ________________ person.

A. Restless B. Unmotivated C. Moody D. Sensual E. Spiritual

The results:

If you selected “A” 3 times or more, your scent is Sweet Dreams.

If you selected “B” 3 times or more, your scent is Jubilee.

If you selected “C” 3 times or more, your scent is Restoration.

If you selected “D” 3 times or more, your scent is Bathsheba.

If you selected “E” 2 times or more, your scent is Prayer.

If you selected “D” on questions 5 or 6, your scent is Passion.

If you selected “E” on question 3 and “C” on question 5, your scent is Sweet Communion.

If you received mixed results, you may enjoy more than one scent.

Our Findings on Scent Preferences

Based upon reviews from our customers and our own research, we have discovered several trends among our seven blends in regards to scent preference. For instance, our Sweet Dreams blend has shown to be very popular among Generation Y females. Our Jubilee blend has time and again shown to be the scent most preferred by men and by African Americans of either gender. Bathsheba tends to appeal to a more mature audience, typically comprised of Baby Boomer Generation females. Passion, on the other hand, appeals to women of all ages. Men often also love the scent of Passion on women. Prayer, we have found, is most popular among Generation X females. Our Sweet Communion blend, which has an aroma comprised primarily of lavender, has near universal appeal, as statistics have shown lavender to be the most popular scent in America. Restoration, as one might guess from its intended purpose, appeals primarily to women experiencing the woes of midlife.