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Using ShareASale Effectively as an Affiliate

Using ShareASale effectively is easy! ShareASale provides multiple ways for you to advertise for us as an affiliate, to include banner graphics, text links, PPC campaigns, e-mail campaigns, and more. However, if this is your first experience with ShareASale or being an affiliate, you may be somewhat confused as to how to proceed once you've signed up. Below are two tutorial videos produced by ShareASale that explain how to insert the two most common means of affiliate advertising: banner graphics and text links

Banner Graphics

Banner graphics, referred to as "creatives" in ShareASale, are image-based advertisements that span the top, side or bottom of one or more of your web pages. The video to your right, produced by ShareASale, will teach you how to obtain the code to embed your desired creative into your site. We appologize for the lack of player controls. This is due to a scripting issue that will be resolved shortly. If you miss part of this video and/or wish to rewatch it please refresh this page.

ShareASale supports numerous sizes for creatives but the most commonly used dimensions (and the only sizes Castle Baths uses) are: 160x600px, 120x600px, 300x250px, 300x300px, 180x150px, 468x60px, and 728x90px.

To watch this video full screen or watch additional ShareASale tutorial videos, please visit ShareASale's tutorial page. You will need to have an affiliate account to watch tutorial videos on ShareASale, so if you feel you are ready to get started, sign up now.

Proper Placement of Advertisements for Maximum Exposure

Placing a small ad in the bottom corner of a page that few people ever visit isn't likely to bring you many sales. But seeing dozens of unrelated ads covering a web page and obscuring its content isn't likely to entice your customers either. Effective affiliate advertising requires a balance of prominent placement for the ads you choose and implementing best practices for your website's design. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when deciding where to place your ads:

  • The most noticeable places for banner ads are the top of a page, the left-hand column, and right-hand column.
  • The bottom is also an acceptable place for a banner advertisment if there is text native to your website that relates to what is being advertised.
  • Text-based advertisements are most effective when used in-line with your website's native text such as providing a link at the end of a review of one of our products.
  • Your website will appear less cluttered if you try to find ads with similar color schemes to the pages on which you place them.
  • Your ads are more likely to attract attention if placed on pages that deal specifically with a concern or problem to which our products could be a solution.
  • Placement of an ad on your home page will ensure that it is seen, if only at a glance, by everyone who visits your website - increasing your chances of landing sales

Text-based Advertisement Links

If you do not want to have banner ads displaying on your website, or you would like to increase your chances of landing sales, you may want to consider using text-based advertisement links instead of or in addition to creatives.A video detailing how to obtain the necessary code to add text-based advertising links to your website can be found on ShareASale's tutorial page.

Using Data Feeds

Castle Baths does offer a free, downloadable data feed for affiliates who would like to set up PPC campaigns or advertise on comparison shopping websites. Once you click on ShareASale's link to download our data feed, a request will be sent to us for approval. Approval should not take very long.

get startedIf you have any additional questions on using ShareASale effectively as a Castle Baths affiliate, please visit our affiliate FAQ page or contact ShareASale.

Ready to get started? Great! Click the "get started" button to the right to signup to become a Castle Baths affiliate.