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How Our Affiliate Program Works

Castle Baths Affiliate Program works through, a widely known and trusted affiliate advertising host. Once you sign up for our affiliate program, you can place as many or as few ads on your website as you wish. If you do not want banner sidebar advertisements displaying on your site, but would still like to earn commissions for efforts, ShareASale allows you to place in-line text ads on your website as well.

If someone visiting your site clicks on one of our ads on the page, and then purchases something online from us, you will receive a 10% commission. If they click on our ad from your site, but do not purchase anything, ShareASale will place a 45-day cookie on their computer. If they purchase a product from us within those 45 days, you will still receive your 10% commission. For example:

After clicking on a Castle Baths ad from your website, Jane Smith orders $50.00 on the 12th of the month, and Joe Spa orders $100.00 on the 27th of the month. So collectively, they purchased $150.00 between them, earning you a commission of $15.00. Checks are paid via ShareASale every month once you reach a minimum of $50.00 in commissions.

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Questions About Our Affiliate Program?

Please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page (link below.) If your question isn't listed, please contact us.