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Anna, Model for: Anna Designer Natural Pet Products Line

If you've never heard of Anna, Purrinlot, or the Anna Designer Natural Pet Products Line, you're probably wondering, "Who is Anna?" "Why is she famous?" "Why have I never heard of her?"

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Anna- Pet designer Line of Pet products for Dogs and Cats

GRC Purrinlot Anna's Gift

A brown patch tabby and white van female with 2 blue eyes! No CPC, just a pure bicolor breeding that was blessed by God!



AnnaNow faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Heb. 11:1

GRC Purrinlot Anna's Gift - CFA's first blue eyed Bicolor Persian in the world to Grand!

A note from Laura...CB History


Who is Anna?

Anna, also known as GRC Purrinlot Anna's Gift, is one of the most famous cats in the world. She is the very first blue-eyed bicolor Persian Grand Champion ever world wide! You might ask, what does this mean?

For those unfamiliar with the world of professional cat breeders, a bicolor is a cat with white and color on it's fur. For example, a tuxedo cat, which has both black and white fur, or a calico, which has black, brown, and white fur are both considered bicolor cats. Many years ago, I had a vision to breed blue-eyed bicolor Persians. I was told that they didn't exist, and that even if they did, they couldn't be registered. Since Bicolor Persians only have copper eyes, it would be illegal to show a blue-eyed Bicolor Persian. I was also told it would be genetically impossible to make a blue-eyed bicolor Persian, for it was a well-known fact among breeders at the time that Bicolor Persians have copper eyes, not blue.

Since this blue-eyed Persian bicolor cat was impossible, or so the experts said, I went on a quest to find a way not only to make them, but also to show them, register them, and make them accepted and legal in the show ring. The Lord shared with me that He was quilting my dream. He had a plan, a hope, and a future for me, and over the years He has begun to sew the pieces of that quilt into place with the threads of the genes at Purrinlot. I placed much faith in what the Lord shared with me. I knew I would someday have a blue-eyed Persian bicolor.

In May 1999, the Cat Fanciers Association approved the blue-eyed and odd-eyed bicolor to be shown and registered for championship status, even though none existed as of yet. As a member of the bicolor division of the Persian Breed Council, I helped vote this in and have looked forward to the day I could show one that I had bred.

I began telling people, anyone that would listen, that God was going to make me a blue-eyed bicolor. Each time, I was met with, "No way."  "Can't happen." "When the cows come home." "Get real," and the like. Never did I allow anyone to disprove my faith.

Faith, by definition, is believing without seeing. When Anna was born, she became a testimony of my faith. Anna was born right at the same time I had decided to open up the Castle Baths Spa Product Company. She was the inspiration to bring forth the designer pet line based on my Persian pet needs in the show circuit. Anna is special, very much so. Everything about her represents God's love and direction for me. God told me He was making the blue-eye program for me, I believed, and today I have Anna as living proof. Since Anna's birth, other blue eyes have also been born, but Anna was a first!

I showed Anna during the summer of 2006. We were not able to get out to as many shows as I had wished due to work, but Anna still caused a stir. During her champion show, each judge in ring after ring would pull out the rule book to check if her eye color was legal. The expression on the judges' faces when, to their astonishment, Anna's eye color was indeed listed as legal, was priceless! Anna received a following of fans very quickly to include breeders, cat lovers, and judges.

Many editors and photographers from various newspapers also visited the shows along the east coast, and we found Anna's photo in several Sunday newspapers to include The Washington Post. An abstract artist even painted her portrait, which became one of the primary graphics used in our brochure and our labels for the Anna Designer Pet line.

Anna is very well known in the show circuit for cats worldwide. Her name is known internationally. Breeders from all over the world visit the Purrinlot site to see a picture of Anna, wishing they could see her in person like their friends.

I really enjoyed breeding the Persian, especially being able to play with the kittens, but the showing part of this hobby was not always fun. It is costly, tiring, and very political. But being able to show Anna made me smile. She enjoyed the show too, and loved to talk and play, and show off how spoiled she was. But the best part of showing Anna was the response she received from everyone, and I mean everyone! People would walk by and see her eyes and instantly be drawn to her. They would gather crowds around to see her and her wonderful eyes not even realizing that she was a one-and-only. Everyone commented on her beautiful blue eyes.

I had been telling the world for over 10 years that God was going to make me a blue eyed bicolor Persian. When Anna was born everyone asked, "Laura how did you do it? How did you get a blue eyed bicolor?" The answer was very simple, "God did it! He gave me Anna."

Anna's birth represented how much God loves me. Her blue eyes proved I heard and understood what God had shared with me. She was my gift from God for my faithfulness to Him. Her eyes pointed me in the direction of Castle Baths and gave me the confirmation I was doing as God wanted.

How Anna got her name:

As far as I am concerned, Author and Breeder Anna Sadler was the main foundation for the bicolor Persian today. She had the same vision I have had since the beginning - to create odd-eyed and blue-eyed Bi-colors. Sadly, Anna was unable to see her final dream come true: the dream of breeding an odd eyed bicolor in her own personal program before her death.

When I was a brand new Persian breeder, a scared newbie, I called Anna on the phone. My voice shook as I picked her brain about her pedigreed lines and the bicolors of the past. That day, she taught me everything she knew about pedigrees, and it was from that phone conversation that Purrinlot has been able to blend lines so beautifully over the years, and evolve into the prize-winning cattery it is today.

When Jacob was born , CFA's first GC odd eye bicolor, Anna asked me, "Laura, what is behind Jacob? I've tried for so many years to make an odd eye." I was excited, yet hated to have to share the news. I said, "Anna, Jacob is a doubling up on your lines."

Mud (GC Brannaway Here's Mud In Your Eye) was Anna's last male, and the only male she had chosen to keep as the end of her line. When I purchased Mud from her, I wanted to return a gift back to her for the gift of her cattery line, which I had worked from to create the best of my cattery for so many years. When I brought Mud here to my home, I decided, "I'll continue Anna's work and name a special Mud baby after Anna."

When Mud arrived, I was so excited! I had the gut feeling he too would bring more odd eyes into the Purrinlot Cattery. I told people Mud would bring me my blue eyes. Anna was Mud's very first litter here at Purrinlot, and as a dedication to Anna Sadler's work in the world of bicolor Persians, I dedicate this girl to Anna. The name Anna means gracious, and one who gives. How perfect of a name for both of these Anna's.

Thank you Anna, Thank you Lord!

From stud tail to salt soaks: how Anna inspired Castle Baths

Just as I had prayed to God regarding my dream of breeding a blue-eye bicolor Persian cat, I prayed when I was in doubt as to whether or not I should open Castle Baths. The timing wasn't right, and I had little interest at the time. I had made some grooming DVD's, had worked on some shampoo, had written a book about faith, and was closing up on a regional kitten run on a kitten I was sending to Hong Kong. My time was limited, and hurdles were on my mind.

A friend and I had been playing with the idea of a Christian-directed bath and body company. We were unable to agree on many of its aspects, and she decided to go her own way with the company we had created together.

Before I even began to consider the Castle Baths company, I prayed, "God, do you want me to consider this new company Castle Baths, or close out all thoughts. Either way, I'm OK with the answer, and to be honest, I'm uncertain of how to do this, and the timing is not good for me Lord". His answer was clear. It wasn't the one I was expecting, or the one I wanted to hear, but Castle Baths had a purpose. As He had shown me earlier during the summer of 2004, its purpose would be "Products with Purpose" in His name, and I was to continue forward.

Therefore, after hearing from God, I knew I needed to open CB even if I wasn't prepared or ready. My plans were to move slow, yet my friend was on my mind so I thought maybe we'd get back together, who knew? It didn't work out that way. Hurdles were laid, which pushed me to work harder and become more determined. I brought the grooming DVD's, my book, a prayer bath salt, and my cat shampoo recipe all to the table and began a venture that grew from determination.

Today, I hope to bring forth impossible dreams for Castle Baths with God in charge. He is the CEO here at CB!

When one door closes, another one opens. There is a season and a time for everything! CB is my new season, but Purrinlot will always be there too.

With Anna being so special and so important, her designer line can only be made from the best ingredients! Made from natural and organic ingredients and all vegan!

Expect only the best from Castle Baths! For some some Persian Grroming tips and suggestions of Castle Baths Product- you might enjoy this article as a helpmate to your shopping journey for better Persian grooming.


Castle Baths Anna Natural Pet Products, Natural Pet Care & Pet Grooming Products

The Anna Natural Pet line and Pet Grooming Product line is a breeder-created, breeder-recommended Designer Pet Line intended to be used for either your cats or dogs! All Natural!

A story from Owner, Laura of Purrinlot Persians:

You've all seen those "show" pets - how incredibly luxurious their coat, how lush and full their fur. How did their owner's achieve that special look? What was their secret?

When I first began breeding cats, I was intensely curious to find out all the "tricks of the trade." If the competition could make their entries stand out from the crowd, so could I! Never one to back away a challenge, I decided to find out for myself everything I could about creating that special eye-grabbing appearance. Giving my cats the extra polish needed to be more than just champions in the ring.

And so our Anna Designer Pet Line was born, especially crafted for professional breeders, show enthusiasts and those blessed with the companionship of one of God's most wondrous creations.

From shampoos and conditioners to soaps and soaks, each of our items is crafted with love and consideration - and made from only organic and natural ingredients. We haven't cut corners or skimped in any way. The products we offer are by far the absolute best you'll find on the market today. Plus, if you're looking for hard-to-find natural grooming products, you'll find them here as well! We'll even show you how to use our Anna products to give your cat or dog a professional grooming session in our grooming DVDs.

grooming dvd shampooPictured: Extended DVD and Pet Shampoo Special

"In the ring, only the finest win!"

Why not give your pets the best advantage they can possible have? If you're seeking that special "Hollywood Look,"  we're your natural choice! After all, don't you both deserve it? Even if you're not planning to show off professionally, our products will still make your pet look the part!