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Three Natural Pore Minimizers to Help Reduce the Appearance of Enlarged Pores

Do you have enlarged pores? Discover the causes of enlarged pores as well as three natural pore minimizer solutions you can use to reduce their visibility for a smoother facial complexion.

What causes enlarged pores?

pore minimizerPores are tiny passageways through your skin that allow it to breathe, secrete natural sebum oil to keep skin hydrated, and excrete toxins from your body. They appear visibly enlarged when clogged with makeup, excess oil, environmental pollutants, dead skin cells, and/or bacteria, causing your facial skin to look pitted and oily. When dirt, oil, and other substances clogging your pores make contact with oxygen, they oxidize to form the type of acne commonly known as blackheads, which often results in pores becoming even more visible.

A number of factors can influence the likelihood of a person developing enlarged pores. These include, but are not limited to genetics, sun exposure, an unhealthy diet, or a decrease in your skin’s collagen production. The American Academy of Dermatologists estimates that sun exposure is by far the leading contributor to pore size, accounting for 80% of the physical changes responsible for enlarging pores.

enlarged pores

As you likely already know, people with genetically oily skin are at an increased risk of developing enlarged pores due to excessive oil buildup. Eating an unhealthy diet contributes to pore enlargement by putting an increased amount of toxins in your body, which results in a greater number of toxins being excreted through your pores by your body’s natural detox systems. Pores also lose elasticity with age as your skin produces less collagen, which means they will have a harder time returning to their natural size after being clogged.


What are some natural pore minimizer solutions?

Pore size cannot be reduced, and any cosmetic or bath and body company claiming their “miracle” skin care product will do so can get themselves into serious trouble with truth in advertising laws. However, there are many steps you can take to minimize your pore’s visibility, and give your skin a smoother, more consistent complexion. Here are some natural pore minimizer solutions you can try at home, as well as some lifestyle changes you may wish to consider.

Using just one of these will get you off to a good start in minimizing your pores, but they are intended to work together for best results, so be sure to use all three in the following order:


  1.  Use a Dead Sea Mud Soap daily for facial cleansing. Our Dead Sea Mud Soap is great for acne and the blackheads that form when the dirt clogging your pores oxidizes. It also contains the largest percentage of pure, authentic Dead Sea Mud you’ll probably ever see in a mud soap. Like our Dead Sea Mud Mask, our Mud Soap is very moisturizing to your skin and will help to cleanse toxins from your pores (though our Mud Mask will accomplish both even more so.

  2. Use a Dead Sea Mud Mask weekly to deep-cleanse and detoxify your pores. The less makeup, oil, and environmental pollutants you have clogging your skin, the less visible your pores will appear. Dead Sea Mud is great for drawing toxins out of the deep layers of your skin, and is extremely moisturizing as well.

  3. Use an exfoliating scrub every 21 – 28 days for the rest of your body (you have pores everywhere, not just on your face.) Be sure to concentrate on your chest and back, as you have many pores in these areas that can easily become very visible. This will help reduce pore visibility by helping to further your skin's natural cell replenishment process. Aging skin does not replenish dead skin cells as quickly as younger skin, and cannot do so if dead skin cells become lodged in your pores. Exfoliating scrubs help to unclog your pores while sloughing off the remaining dead skin cells lingering on your body, and uncovering fresh, new skin beneath.


Or save big by just using this pre-packaged pore minimizer spa solution kit

This natural pore minimizer solution kit (pictured below) gives you all the Dead Sea products you'll need to help minimize the appearance of your pores, to include a unique 4 oz coffee salt scrub, which is the only Tre'Yours bath scrub to combine the skin smoothing and anti-aging benefits of fresh coffee grounds with the detoxifying and pore minimizing benefits of Dead Sea Salt. Our coffee salt scrub is available only via this kit and is not sold separately anywhere else.


pore minimizer kit

Some lifestyle changes you may wish to make to further minimize pores

In addition to using our natural pore minimizer solutions, you may wish to make some lifestyle changes to further reduce pore visibility, such as avoiding prolonged sun exposure. As stated above, sunlight exposure is the leading external contributor to pore size, so you may want to think twice about sunbathing or visiting tanning salons. Eating healthier will also help further reduce pore visibility. Less junk going into your body means less junk coming out of your pores as your body detoxifies itself. While you’re at it, be sure to stock up on health foods like blueberries and other fruits rich in Vitamin C, as these will help your body maintain its collagen levels and keep your skin smooth and firm.

Using this skin care regimen of natural pore minimizers, combined with a healthy lifestyle, should have you well on your way to visibly smoother skin!